4 Ways to Style | Crop Top 03

Meet my most favorite outfit in my closet, it gives me allllll the heart eyes. You know how you wake up some morning and you feel like wearing something pretty and it somehow works with all your favorite outfits. That's what happened here. A favorite skirt. A favorite shirt. A favorite pair of shoes. The first time I wore this, a few co-workers complimented this cute "dress" and it made me laugh - because that's exactly what this crop top does, transforms an outfit you wear too often into something totally new.

Most Wonderful Weekend

Happy, happy Monday friends! I'm excited to start a new week, but also sad to have a super fabulous weekend behind me. We've been maxed out for the last 4 weeks and have had little time to slow down and settle into the school year. It's been back-to-back soccer, school, homework, work, scrambling to get food and rarely making it to bed on time. This past weekend, momma (aka me) got to escape for 2 full days for 2 different events and both provided much needed healing in different ways. It was hard to leave my family since this was happening right after I'd spent TONS of time at the accounting firm I work for and would miss a soccer game, but regardless, knew that missing out on 2 full days of being spiritually, emotionally and physically fed would be a bigger regret.

4 Ways to Style | Crop Top 02

Happiest Wednesday, peeps! I'm excited to share my second ever fashion post (and a tiny bit terrified). For September, I'm featuring this Pom Pom Crop Top from Shop Stevie. I've always been interested in purchased a crop top to wear over dresses, especially those darn sleeveless dresses. Crop Tops (or half shirts) can really change the look of a dress and it's been fun to try new ways to pair this with other outfits.

Sweet, Sweet Peaches

Yesterday evening our neighborhood had our annual Peaches on the Porch. We all get together to chat, play and eat ice cream with peaches. "Oh, that's my favorite day of my whole life!" as Sadee so accurately put it. It really does make the perfect night! The cool fall air, gathered with our favorite people, the mountains covered in red and all the kids laughing and playing for hours.

Hangout | Kanarraville Falls

*This new series of Hangouts is brought to you via my vacationing and exploring. We love visiting new places + taking our kiddos on adventures. Hangouts will be a portion of Eats & Hangouts where we share our favorite places to eat and hangout, anywhere we go.

One of our newest favorite hangouts is Kanarraville Falls. We recently heard all about this hike and wanted to try it out, although were nervous about taking our kids. When we went to St. George for our annual Labor Day trip, our group of 22 people (kids included) decided to do this hike. With plenty of hands to help, we knew that we would be just fine.

4 Ways to Style | Crop Top 01

Alright people, I've gone and done something totally crazy! Take a look... it's me doing "fashion" posts... I mean, how has this happened?! Recently the concept of capsule wardrobes started popping up everywhere, which sounds like a train I could really jump on. A wardrobe of basic essentials + neutrals is totally my thing. But, every now and then, you come across a piece you just NEED and it fits somewhere in the realm between unrealistic & what-am-I-going-to-actually-wear-this-with. Cue this crop top that was purchased on sale AND in my size.
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