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*This new series of Eats is brought to you via my love of food photography and eating, but my lack of cooking and meal planning. We love trying new restaurants and indulging ourselves + taking pictures of pretty food without the dishes is a win win. Eats will be a portion of Eats & Hangouts where we share our favorite places to eat and hangout, anywhere we go.

Happiest Monday, folks! Welcome to the newest series here at Our Brick House of Eats & Hangouts.
We've been going to St. George quite frequently for the past 6 years and a few years back, I came across the cutest little French restaurant online. It was in Santa Clara, which is where we stay, and I decided we needed to try it sometime. Queue 3 years later and it hadn't happened yet - so, when we went on family vacation with just the 4 of us, it was a good opportunity to try it out.

Meet The Granary. The cutest little French restaurant tucked inside the old Bishop's storehouse, built in 1867. The seating is mostly outdoor under a large tree, surrounded by flowers with tables set with glass teacups and saucers. It's quite charming. And the food is exceptionally delicious.
I've had French food a handful of times - like real, authentic French food - and it definitely tops the charts in flavor and style. However, it's been many years since I've found an authentic restaurant close to me. And this is just what I was looking for. 

Two words - Quiche Lorraine. Order it. Devour it. It's salty and moist and cheesy and oniony. 
The crepes are also perfect, but beware their Creme Fraiche is the real stuff, which means it's not like whipped cream. It's a little sour (kind of like sour cream, but sweetish).
We also ordered the Continental Breakfast which was a warm croissant with fresh fruit and jam. The croissant was delicious and probably perfect with the fruit, except my kiddos guzzled the fruit before I had a chance to taste it.

We definitely want to go back for lunch sometime because French Onion Soup people! French. Onion. Soup. Plus a Reuben Sandwich. Yum! And yes, I did wear my black dress and red lipstick to channel all my inner Audrey Hepburn-ness to pretend I was in the countryside of France for a moment. Anyway, I digress. When you want need a warm breakfast and a charming place to eat, The Granary is the place to go. And just take my word for it, order the Quiche Lorraine.

Happy eats, peeps!

Why I Blog

Quote by Neely at Ker-Fox Photography

Why do I blog? This is a question I've asked myself a million times over. Why write? Why document? No matter how many days go by, I always find myself wanting to come back to this space to share, but why? 

A sweet friend of mine shared a blog post with me from Ker-Fox Photography (see link above) that totally answered this question for me. It's hard to put yourself out there as a "blogger". It sort of automatically asks for an eye roll from other people. It's also sooooo hard to balance Instagram + blogging and not infiltrating Instagram with blogging content - you know, keeping it real and not just as a blog plug.

There is nothing more that I want to share than our life - our real, unadulterated life that is messy and hard at times, but absolutely good and happy. As parents, my husband and I work hard to create joyous memories for our kiddos. Oh how we love those two humans! I want my children to look back and know that we worked hard, that we noticed them, that we loved them. Sadee will occasionally grab one of our printed blog books and look through the pictures. She'll ask questions about different pictures and we'll talk about different times in our life - college, fashion, when I was pregnant with her or Cam.

I find that the older I get the less I remember - which is totally normal... right? Looking back helps me remember and the things that I haven't written down are almost erased from my memory. It's terrifying at times how little my brain actually holds on to. But what has been written, I remember. 

And finally, I want to share the ways we create happiness in our family. True happiness comes when we intentionally seek it, discover it and create it. All of our families are different, but as I read how others are creating their happiness on Instagram or through blogging it helps me, lifts me and fills me with hope. I share for those younger than me to know that you're never alone. Someone has always taken your path before, someone will always understand. We've been there. I share for those older than me to know that they have taught us well. We're passing on your legacy of strength and endurance. We're making your famous recipes and sharing them with those closest to us. I share for those who are exactly in the same spot as me. We share lego covered floors, skinned up knees and cars filled with car seats. We're in this together. 

That is why I blog - for my children, for myself and for anyone needing a friend, for YOU! Because truly "each day of our mundane lives is monumental, soul stirring, profound."


In 2015 we bought our first house. It was a big, fat miracle and beautiful answer to many, many prayers. The house is old, built in 1961, and was (and is) in mostly original condition. We refinished a few things on the interior and still have loads to do, especially on the exterior. Our roof is partially falling apart and my poor garden is well... a sad excuse for a garden really. Yet, this little brick house of ours is a mini dream come true and no matter how much it seems to be falling apart, we love it - we'll fix it and improve it. This house represents the life we are living now, the place we are raising our family, working hard, chasing our dreams and finding happiness.

Friday Favorites | House Portrait

For today's Friday Favorites post, I thought I'd share my most favorite thing I've purchased as of late. That would be this portrait of our house by galladoodle. Not too long ago I started brainstorming ideas on how to make this space of mine a little more me and through the process, I started thinking about the strong ties and feelings I have to our new home. With that idea I came across something new - house portraits! The next several weeks were spent buying watercolors and even architectural markers to make one for myself, but it wasn't turning out. 

Viva Las Vegas

After spending 4 days in St. George, we drove down to Las Vegas for the weekend. A friend of mine recommended staying at Mandalay Bay because of their wave pool and beach. The rates for that weekend were fantastic, so we jumped on the opportunity. Vegas is so sparkly and bright and glamorous to me (even if deep down it's totally not). The kids felt the same way. Our room was on the 28th floor and had the single greatest view of The Strip. We could see all the way down the street, plus the tram was just below and the airport was to our right - aka Cam was in HEAVEN! They would press their faces up against our huge floor-to-ceiling window and watch the train and planes for the longest time.

St. George Vacation

We've been waiting ALL summer long to get away as a family and we finally made it to southern Utah for the week. To be honest, we've been wanting to hit up St. George for longer than a weekend for maybe 2+ years, so it was a big, fat deal that we were able to swing it. Hallelujah!

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