Hello Sunday!

It's been a while since I've had anything to post for "Scripture Power" on Sunday's. I find it tricky to study the scriptures for myself + for sharing things too close to my heart. And sometimes, thinking about what to share can interfere with my scripture study. With a tiny pause there, I've been finding many quotes during lessons at church or in my preparation for teaching lessons that have been wonderful. Many of which are so simple and profound that it's easy to share.

Guilty Pleasure

Just the other night, a good friend of mine and I had the best, long, soul-warming chat. The kind the leaves you mildly breathless because some mini, inner battle was won over heartfelt honesty about yourself. We discussed stress, joy and what makes us consistently happy through the ups and downs of marriage, family, motherhood, life. And so I've been pondering, what makes me consistently happy.

What's New Witch U?

Peeps, we're still alive over here. Currently we're sitting in our living room watching Blacklist, drinking Sodalicious and it's 9:30pm. There's so much irresponsibility involved in drinking caffeine after 7:00pm, but some days it's gotta happen. Earlier this week we officially put up our Halloween decorations. It's a darn good thing that winter holds the majority of the holidays. Gives us something to look forward to during the long, cold months. Halloween is super fun and festive, we need to crank out our Halloween movies this week and if anyone finds a life-size skeleton anywhere - let me know! I need one, stat!

Friday Favs | White Shirts for Fall

Is there anyone else that hasn't the hardest time finding perfect white shirts?? Every summer, I promise myself to only buy blouses - no t-shirts... you know, to keep my summer wardrobe stylish. Never happens, those t-shirts (especially white) always find their way into my closet. Then come fall, my closet has been taken over by said t-shirts and I'm on the hunt for girly white blouses to pair with jeans and cardigans.

McCrary Family Pictures

My gratitude for friends who let me practice my photography skills on them will never end. No matter how well you know your camera, nothing replaces practice, practice, practice! And more practice. This is the second shoot I've been able to do with the McCrary's. We always get suuuuuper lucky with weather - aka the day before it snows or drenches the earth in rain. The goal here was warm, sunny, spring looking pictures in the heart of fall. Tayler killed it in the color coordination + the trees were still green as can be and the lighting was PERFECTION! 

4 Ways to Style | Crop Top 04

Happiest Monday, folks! It's finally time to show off the 4th and final outfit style with this Crop Top from Shop Stevie. I know, I know - how are we still talking about this shirt? This dress was purchased RIGHT after the crop top was purchased, because hello I needed something to wear with it. Stevie originally styled this shirt with a blue dress, but unfortunately didn't sell the blue dress on her site. Naturally I found one in the same color and pretty much never wanted to take this outfit off. It's comfy, classy and sooooo easy. It transitions perfectly from chores to errands to park to church to work. An all-in-one outfit I tell ya! 
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