a fresh start

Welp, it's a new year, which equals a clean slate and fresh start.  It feels so wonderful being able to set new goals, while reflecting on the year before.  Here's the deal, in the past I have always been against new year "resolutions" because I generally fail.  I'll make a goal to accomplish something and will make it two weeks and get too busy, sick, or just plain bored.  My excuses are endless.  Is this just me??  So... when a new year rolls around, I set new goals, write out lists and do everything to avoid the word "resolution" because that word generally equals failure for me.  But like any good word nerd, I decided to try and love this word and embrace it.

noun a formal expression of opinion or intention made, a resolve or determination, the mental state or quality of being resolved or resolute, firmness in purpose

Another reason I struggle with setting goals and accomplishing them is because I use "negative" works... like stop, don't, not, no.  This may work for some, but I am a firm believer in the idea that the universe does not understand negative words.  For example, when I am late for something, I usually drive really fast and think to the stoplights, "Don't turn red!"  Since the universe does not understand the word "don't" than it hears "Turn red..." and every time, I hit a red light.  every. time.  Because of this, it made me realize that the only way to make a true resolution is to use positive ideas and set positive goals.

Hopefully many of your are excited to try something new or work on something hard.  Tomorrow I will be spending a little q.t. with my journal and writing down a few resolutions I have in mind.

Here's to setting goals!

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  1. I love starting over, fresh and clean! I enjoy setting goals, and writting out a plan. But like you, come a littlw ways down the road I fail out. Blah. But i'm hoping that this year will be different! I have lots planned for this year, and I really hope that my determination right now will keep coming here in a few months. Good luck with your goal setting/accomplishing!


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