happy new year

Our new year was fairly uneventful because the hubs was sick.  The little went to bed at her normal time, a whopping 7 pm.  I was pretty bummed about the fact that my new year would equal sitting around, alone, until 2013 rolled around.  In my self-pitty, I called my momma at 9 pm.  She said that they had friends over, eating treats, and were going to watch a movie.  My plan was to let my baby sleep while the hubs listened for her, but he ended up taking NyQuil {before we made any plans} which left me with having to wake up our baby and going to my mom's house.  Luckily, she ended up waking up 5 minutes before I wanted to leave and was in a good mood.  

It was freezing cold on New Year's Eve...  freezing I tell you!  But the babe and I braved the cold to welcome in the new year.  Sadee stayed up until 1 am, eating crackers, watching Brave, and smiling.  Against the hubs wished, the babe got to wears a Utes hat for some of the night, and was delighted to wear it {without pulling it off, like she does with most hats}.  Silly girl.  When it came time to watch the New York countdown, we almost missed it!  We switched it to CBS with 5 seconds left.  Lucky us! 

Like I said, pretty uneventful... but, I'm glad that we have family living so close so I didn't have to spend it alone.

Have you made your resolutions?  
I'll be sharing a few of mine tomorrow.


  1. Hahah she doesn't look happy to be wearing it ahha

  2. just fell upon your blog...so amazing. i love your little family and your daughter is ADORABLE. God bless!

    >> danica

    1. Thanks Danica! You are too sweet. P.S. I read on your blog that your puppy's name is Sadie... That's my daughter's name (as I'm sure you saw). I'm in love! Cute family. Thanks for following along :)


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