meet marlyn

This is sort of a special post for me because it marks the first time that I tapped into my blog designing mind, and designed something for another blogger.  It was a privilege working with her!  Not only does she have the most beautiful, curly hair but she is a super awesome wife and momma.  Like, if there could be a best mom award, she would get it!  She just posted a recipe for homemade "diaper cream" and I thought, "Uh!  That's awesome!"  I want to be that type of mom who spends her time making things for her baby, instead, I make brownies.  Long story short, Marlyn is wonderful and so is her blog.  Plus, I think the title of her blog is super crafty!
Thank you Marlyn for letting me be a part of your life... even for a short time! 

check it out at
You won't be disappointed.  



  1. You are amazing. Also, I hope it comforts you that I can't make decent brownies. Like AT ALL! YOU ARE AMAZING!

  2. I'm MarLyn's sister! you did a great job on re-designing her blog! How much do you charge? my blog is so blah and I don't know how to design and use blogger like at all. I'd love to know what you charge. I need a change with my blog.

    1. Thanks Kayla! She told me you were interested. Send me an email and we can get something going for you and chat about details.

  3. Awesome job Kels! I can't wait to see mine!!!!


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