menu planning: january 2013

Well... here it is. To be honest, I have not had any motivation as far as meal planning goes so I decided to just focus, and plan a month of meals. Here's what I do. Every Tuesday I go grocery shopping. I purchase everything I need for that day, plus everything up to the next Monday.

Please, please, PLEASE leave a comment if you use this or use a recipe from here, because this took tons {and I mean TONS} of work.  So... if I am the only one finding it beneficial, then I'll just stick to my sloppy, hand-written meal planner.  P.S. tonight we ended up having eating out for lunch and having leftovers at home... so we will be having chicken cordon bleu on Friday as out date night dinner.

Happy eating!
Calendar via TomKat Studio
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  1. I love it! Good work kels!

  2. Wow! This is awesome! I'm always too lazy to make a plan for meals. I'll have to try some of these recipes.


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