This is my attempt to be "hip" and "cool" since today I had a moment that aged me... if that is even possible at the ripe-old-age of 22.  But, alas, while walking through the mall today I realized how many brands and trends I'm clearly not following.  Sometimes I wonder if I have turned into an 80-year-old women overnight.  One who follows the "youngsters" around telling them to pull up their pants and wear longer skirts.  You get what I'm trying to say, right?

So, here's my post dedicated to being trendy.

Every Thursday, Instragram is packed with Throwback Thursday.  I've never been interested in doing this.  But, since I'm giving into the trend factor tonight... here is a picture of my sister and I {I think Jenn was about 5 and I was around 7}.  Take a look at my long locks.  Within the next two years that hair will be making a reappearance.  Any tips on how to make your hair grow faster?

Oh, and have you heard of Mumford & Sons?  Well, I have.  OR the song "Home" by Phillip Phillips?  Both are incredibly popular now and I have fallen deeply in love!  The new folk rock music has stolen my heart.  In my defense, I have liked this type of music since I first saw "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" which was about 10 years ago and is still one of my favorite movies.

Let's see what else?
Starbucks?  love!  I don't go often, but it sounds good all the time.
Yoga?  Favorite hobby EVER.  More on that later.
Lipstick?  Yes, please.  This has become an obsession of mine.  It makes everything seem better.
Large, old-school glasses?  No thanks.  I'm not into this trend.  Wearing fake glasses is not my cup of tea.
Colored jeans?  Loving them, but am not brave enough to wear them regularly.
Gluten-free diets?  No thank you.  I love my carbs too much!  But, I am starting to experiment with sugar-free and healthier recipes.
Juice cleanse?  I think this sounds fun, but have yet to buckle down and try it.  Maybe during the summer.  Maybe I'll just go on a snow cone cleanse.  Probably wouldn't work...
Blogging?  Yeah... about that.  Addicted.

Okay, so enough of my one word, short sentenced nonsense.  I've been feeling bad for my leave of absence, especially since my last post was sort of... depressing.  This was my "easy blog" excuse to get me going again.  It's awesome, don't you think?  As of now, life is really great.  Like, really, REALLY great!

More from me soon!


  1. Ooh I like the snow cone cleanse idea!

  2. I too feel like an old lady when it comes to several those these trends you have mentioned. However, I've always been one to like a trend, but not have enough guts to wear/do said trend. I usually start wearing/doing the trend right as it's phasing out haha. Like I really want a pair of colored jeans, but don't think I could pull them off. Ha ha


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