happy friday

Can I just tell you how much I love spending my days with this little lady??  She is the best!  Even though the last two weeks have been rough for her, she has been a trooper.  Today we went to lunch with my sister and Sadee was in a bad mood.  My sister was trying to hold the little worm, but she wouldn't let her.  Once Sadee was snuggled back down on my lap, my sister stuck her tongue out at the babe and Sadee... stuck her tongue right back out at her auntie.  We got a kick out of it!  This stage of copying everything is oh so fun!  She is now giving me kisses when I ask, rolling a ball to me, clapping at everything and crawling like Mowgli from the Jungle Book {she straighten her legs and walks, instead of crawling on her knees}. 

Back to lunch.  While we were eating at Kneaders, it was a blizzard outside.  My sister and I ordered guava juice {because it's our favorite} but every time we order it, the employee looks at us weird.  Reason?  The only reason Kneaders has guava juice is for their guava smoothie.  When they brought out our order they had made us the smoothies, instead of the juice.  Not that we complained, but we were a little bummed since the plain guava juice is delicious.  So... there we were... sitting at Kneaders... in a full on snow storm... drinking smoothies.  Duh!  Are we ready for spring?  I say yes!

Happy Friday!
Have a wonderful weekend.

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