happy monday

It's 9:20 pm and the hubs is asleep on the couch.  Sleepy buns.  Sometimes our days are jam-packed with a million "to-do's".  We always stay up late on days like that because it gives us some sense of accomplishment to spend time together at the end of a busy day.  Today, wasn't like that... hence why we are both about to crash BEFORE ten o'clock.  Although it was a "holiday" we both went to work and spent little time together.  Sadee got to play with both grandma's and I'm pretty sure she couldn't have cared less if she saw us or not {this, of course, is a lie... because we love her and she loves us and we love spending time together}. 

The hubs and I finished the day off by going to Happy Sumo for dinner.  Every month I get the VIP email and we rarely spend more than twenty bucks there.  Today I was feeling a tiny bit bad eating out because our budget hasn't been on track this month, but delicious tempura veggies and sushi were calling my name.  So... we went and it was delicious.  The hubs saw a family friend sitting at a table by us, who we didn't even get a chance to talk to.  When it was time for us to get our check, the waitress came and told us that the friend we had seen, paid for our meal.  Uh... what?!?  Yes!  Not only did we get delicious food, but it was paid for.  We were amazed and left feeling so loved and blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people.  Not only was it incredibly nice of this friend, but it was the second time he had done it.  Can you say nicest person EVER!

Last year, the hubs and I made a goal to pay for someone's dinner before we turn thirty.  We are excited to be able to do this in the future because we know how much it means.  Here's to kind friends {and strangers} and thank you to our kind friend!  Dinner was delish!

Over the next week I'll get around to writing about Valentine's Day, Sadee turning 9 months, and maybe... if I'm feeling ambitious, pictures of Sadee's nursery {which has been done since before she was born, but I've never photographed.}

Happy President's Day!

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