meet megan @ crafter club

It's happened again... another blog design up and running.  This has happened unintentionally, but I have loved every second working with new and established bloggers.

So, meet Megan.  She is a mother, wife, and crafter extraordinaire AND on top of all that, she works full-time.  Seriously, amazing!  Oh, and my cousin... can't forget that!  Crafter Club is her space to share all things craft and it never disappoints.  I feel like she is always one step ahead of the game, unlike me {who plans holiday events, literally, the day before the actual holiday}.  

Don't be shy, head over to Crafter Club and check it out!


  1. you are seriously so nice! Thanks for everything Kelsey! I've said it before, and I'll say it 100X more....You've got talent girl! Love you!

  2. That looks awesome! You are so talented! How much do you charge?

    1. Thanks! I'm going to put together a price list within the next couple weeks. Email me and we can chat, if you are interested :)


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