why blog?

This question has been on my mind a lot lately.  Blogging has taken over and it seems like everyone has a blog and is designing, creating, and teaching all there is to know.  On top of that, millions of people use advertisements, social media, and link parties to grow their blogs in hopes to make money and have hundreds of followers.  I have fallen into this trap.  Originally I began blogging {in 2008} as a creative outlet.  It was rewarding.

Blogging began turning into a place where I could provide comic relief... mostly for myself.  Growing up, I was never a "funny" person and so blogging became a place for me to laugh at my own jokes without the critical remarks of others.  And most importantly, blogging has become a place for me to develop my writing skills.  Writing is one of my favorite hobbies!  But, as blogs have grown over the years, I find myself comparing mine to others and it is a deathly trap.  I look at my 17 followers and am incredibly grateful for those who choose to share the little moments of life with me.  There are so many other people they could follow, and I feel so blessed that I am on that list.  Other bloggers have hundreds of followers and I think "Wow, I must have the most boring blog... I should craft more or cook more or work on my photography skills."

But, here's the deal.  While there is so much competition on the Internet, I do not want to fall into that and look down on myself for not doing this or that.  I just love to write.  I love to document.  I love to share what I love most.  Over time I might develop new skills and better others, which I will share as they come.  But for today, our family is working on enjoying the simple pleasures of our simple life.

That is why I blog.  Not to compete.  Not to make money {for the time being}.  Not to show that my life is better than yours.  But to hopefully show that being happy and getting through trials is possible and rewarding.  That life is both hard and wonderful, but worth it.  That being a mom isn't perfect, but is a process that shapes us as mothers and wives. 

I will continue writing because it is something I truly love.  For those who follow, thank you!  I look forward to continue sharing my journey of life with others and looking back at cherished memories.


  1. haha I find this funny, since I just text you about my want to make money off my blog. I find that I have to have a balance. I try not to look at to many "big bloggers", because that isn't me. I do me, well I try to. And that's all I can do, is be me. I'm not funny, I'm not quick witted, but I like to think of myself as nice, cheerful, maybe a little girl next door-ish? hah I think what your doing is great! be you, because you are AWESOME!!!!

    love you!

  2. You blog isn't boring, don't worry about that! I agree to what you say, blog is where we blog what we love but not doing it for the sake of doing.

  3. My favorite blogs to read are the ones that are about normal everyday life, school, kids, etc. Not the ones where people try to be experts on fashion, cooking, exercise. Your blog is REAL, and that's what makes it good.

  4. I love your friend Kevin and Mindy's comment. Notice she says, "not the ones where people TRY to be experts..." This exact reason is why I stopped reading blogs. Unless I know the person well, I don't read their blog (or unless I am looking for a specific tutorial). I am not Martha, I don't want to be, and I don't want to fool myself into thinking that I need to be. I like where I am at in my life, even if it seems mediocre to others. You are great at being you, don't forget it!

  5. I couldn't agree with you more. And TRULY think everyone needs a reminder of this. Do it for YOURSELF. Thanks for the reminder :)



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