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Last Saturday the hubs and I went car seat shopping.  It was a completely overwhelming experience!  We walked into Babies R' Us, straight back to the aisle where all the seats are lined up against the wall.  We pretty much just stood there for a few seconds, because there were a million and they were SO fancy!  What the heck.  It was too much.  As I got to thinking, I realized that I had the same feeling right before we had Sadee.  There is a lot of pressure to buy all of the baby products, right at first.  In reality, babies don't need a lot in the beginning and it isn't really affordable to buy everything.  So... here are the things that we loved having when we brought our new baby home and/or things we wished we had.
  1. Burp clothes - when my siblings were little, my mom always had cloth diapers around (the old school kind) which she used as burp clothes.  They are much more inexpensive than pre-fabricated burp clothes, and much more absorbent.  Our favorite are Gerber Flat-Fold Diapers.
  2. Boppy pillow - These are the BEST pillow for newborns and new momma's.  It helped so much when I was nursing.  Not only did it support the baby, but it also helped make it more relaxing on my back and arms.  It was also nice because we could let Sadee sleep in it.  She would sleep much longer inside her boppy, rather than in her crib.
  3. Baby bathtub - For us a baby tub was completely necessary because we only have a shower.  But, babies are tiny and tubs are huge.  It is much easier to hold your baby in a tiny baby tub rather than having them slide.  Also, much easier to keep clean!
  4. White onesies - Friends and family love buying fun, colorful outfits for newborns.  It's awesome!  But, we never had enough white onesies to go underneath and keep our little girl comfortable.  Even though it's fun to buy your newborn cute outfits, don't forget to stock up on white onesies in all sizes.  They are worth keeping on hand!
  5. Baby Bjorn - Of all the baby carriers that I researched, this came out on top.  As soon as we bought it, I was in love.  We had another brand of baby carrier, and I struggled using it on my own.  It was complicated and uncomfortable.  The Baby Bjorn is NOT!  While it's a little pricey, it is so handy.  Most of the time I was home alone, and this would have been nice to have.  I was able to put Sadee in it by myself and she would sit {or sleep} very comfortably.  Of all the things I wish we would have had from day one, this would be top on my list.
  6. Socks - this may seem random, but socks are hard to find for babies!  Most of them slip off and you don't get any at baby showers.  We only had a few pair of socks at first and it was hard finding some that would stay on.  But, our favorites were from Gap and Target.  Again, buy one pack of a few different kinds to try them out, you won't regret having a drawer full of socks.
  7. Diaper bag - Having a diaper bag was incredibly helpful.  We kept it stocked with everything we needed on hand and kept it close-by, even at home.  It made life more simple, especially while I was at home.  Initially we purchased a Kalencom, which I loved!  After a while, I decided I wanted a Petunia Picklebottom.  The hubs bought one for me and I love it more than my Kalencom.  My Petunia bag is much easier to use when I am running errands and it perfect for trips {since it turns into a back pack}.  Spend time researching what bag you like, but know that a Kalencom or a Petunia Picklebottom are worth the investment.  One tip: make sure it's waterproof!
  8. Rocking chair - Of all the large purchases {like swings, bouncers, high chairs, and fancy toys} a rocking chair is a MUST HAVE for your first weeks at home.  There are many hours, day and night, spent holding and feeding your baby.  It's nice to have a comfortable place to sit and kick your feet up.  My mom bought ours from Target and it has been perfect for us.
  9. Pack n' Play - This is the best thing we have in our house.  We opted to use this instead of a bassinet.  For the first two months of the babe's life, she slept in our room in her Graco Pack n' Play.  It has a napper, which helped keep her warm and snug.  Now we don't use it as often, but we love having it for trips.  Definitely worth having over a bassinet, since it has multiple uses {and is easier to store}.
  10. Diaper Genie - These are amazing!  You put a stinky diaper in here and poof, no smell!  The bags are a little expensive, but it keeps all the stinky diaper smells out of your house and in the garbage.  It is also really easy to use and only cost about $30.  Buy one.  You won't regret it.
Okay, so that was a lot.  But, it's a start.  When it comes to having a baby, it's better to spread out all of the purchases.  Next post?  10 things that you don't need to buy until your baby is 3 months plus {like a high chair} or at all.  And just a side note, I did not include a crib, car seat, stroller, diapers, or wipes because isn't that kind of a given?  I thought so too.


  1. these are totally these essentials! found and following you now. no need to reply back--I'd rather you visit me instead! have a wonderful monday!

  2. I buy a new bath sponge for each baby - you lay it in the tub and it keeps their head above the water. But it only works if you have a bath tub. And they're cheap - like $5. So we opted out of buying a baby bath and buy the sponges instead. I love them!

    I never tried the bjorn carriers. I have a wrap that I used for Ethan (didn't really use a carrier for Andrew since he was on oxygen and monitors. So I always brought a stroller where ever we went. But yes, those are definitely essentials - along with nursing pads. Otherwise your shirts are always wet. :)

  3. I'm definitely keeping this list for future reference. Love your blog! You're so cute.

    New Follower:)

    Elise @ Hunters of Happiness

  4. Hey Kelsey, I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog! You can to to my blog to see the details!
    Great baby tips! I'll put this in my mommy-to-be notes!



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