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Happy Monday!  Even though Facebook is crammed with "I hate Monday" posts, I don't mind Monday so much.  Yes, the weekend is over, but it makes for a new start and I need that often.  Don't you?  Last week was a rough one.  It felt like I couldn't catch up with anything.  Laundry was piled up, there were ants in our bathroom {that have been killed by Raid}, my car was messy, the garbage smelled, and the dishes were all dirty.  Every mother's nightmare.  With the help, and patience, of my husband, I finally feel caught up with the majority of housework and feel ready to tackle this week.  Keeping my fingers crossed!

This weekend was very uneventful, which you would know by my absence on Instagram.  After cleaning, we went to dinner at Olive Garden {complete with dessert}, watched Couples Retreat {my favorite!}, and had 3 full nights of sleep!  While watching a movie, the hubs sat down with a bag of chips.  This is rare because I don't buy chips since we don't eat them a lot.  But, the new test flavors that Lay's just put out sparked out interest and brought me to waste $5.  We have only tried two of the three, chicken & waffles and garlic bread.  They are good.  Probably won't buy them again.  As he ate them, we chatted about chips.  Both of us agree that Lay's aren't the best, although I do love Lay's Salt & Vinegar chips.  We prefer Ruffles, Doritos, or Cheetos.  After our conversation, I found it funny that we sat and analyzed chips... that's how we roll.  And just because I know you want to know, when I was in high school, I ate Flamin' Hot Cheetos by the gallon!  Seriously, so good!

Here's to a new week!

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