weekend away to st. george

As I posted before, our family of three went to St. George last weekend.  And, as I said before, it was heaven!  Sadee slept through the night the whole time we were there and slept in, as well.  When we got home, she decided to remind us that vacation was over.  Little women, mommy and daddy promise to take you back to St. George where you can freely play all day long!  She loved being able to take a bath in a normal tub... freedom to crawl and slide around was glorious.  She also loved being able to crawl in circles exploring the house.  Her favorite activity?  Throwing the ball down the hall and chasing it {check out Vine for the video}.  The hubs and I spent our time watching Modern Family, documentaries, and the movie Bernie {which was weird, weird, weird!}.  We also went to a couple of our favorite restaurants, listened to the rain, ate ice cream for dinner and again for breakfast and took a few naps in between. 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and if not, plan a good vay-kay soon!

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  1. She looks so big in that carseat! How much does she weigh? Also, this sounds lovely...i'm so jealous!


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