weekend away

Right now our little family is hanging out in St. George, just the three of us.  It's heaven!  Even though the weather is crummy {and we knew ahead of time} it is a well needed get away.  My favorite part is that we get to wake up and have light streaming through the windows.  Again, heaven!  Living in a basement apartment gets old after a while.  Sadee loves is just as much as me.  She crawls around the house with her ball.  She'll throw it, just to pick it up and throw it again.  Today was filled with eating lunch at our favorite Mexican shack, grabbing a few things at Target {including new shows and swimsuit for the Sadster}, taking a nap, eating frozen custard, and watching "Bernie" {which is funny and rather creepy}.  Tomorrow will be even more low-key.  I'm keeping my figures crossed that we can go on a walk, absorb some sunshine, and let the babe explore a few new things {like palm trees}.

Here's to taking breaks!  See you tomorrow.

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