sadee @ eleven months

On April 14th, this chica turned 11 months old.  Translation?  One more month and we will have a one year old child... not baby, but child... a toddler!  Seriously, what?  We are loving this age and can't believe how beautiful and funny she is.

At 11 months, Sadee...
-started growing in her top two teeth.  This will be a total of four teeth once they cut through.
-learned how to walk, but is still fairly wobbly.
-is a little particular with food.  We are still trying to figure out what she does and doesn't like.  Green beans, pears, and peas are still making the "favorite foods" cut.
-learned many new words: grandpa {gum-pa}, bye-bye, water {wa-er}, and up.  She can also say "please" in sign language.  Still saying mama, dada, uh-oh, and nana.
-developed a dislike for getting her diaper changed and getting dressed.
-continued to love reading and books.  She also loves animals a lot too.  We are in the process of teaching her what "frogs" say.
-developed quite the personality... anytime she does something she is proud of, she gives us the best cheesy grin in the world {complete with squinty eyes and all}.
-is fascinated by everything that babies should NOT play with... toilet, light switches, garbage cans.  She's constantly getting into something.
-learned how to be "naughty."  She knows what she is allowed to play with and what she's not allowed to play with... but sometimes she pushes the limits intentionally.
-learned how to give a high-five.
-loves to sit on the bathroom counter while I get ready and watch herself in the mirror.  She makes faces at herself and plays with my make-up.
-smiles when getting her picture taken, but would rather sit with her back towards any photo-taking-device.
-loves to lounge in big chairs and on pillows.
-loves being outside, looking at birds, and going for walks.

Sadee, we love you!  You are a sweetheart and are such a joy to have in our lives!

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