on the boston marathon

This morning as I lazily sat on the couch, I couldn't help but think about the Boston Marathon bombing.  Rarely do I post about tragic events because they make me so sick, that dwelling on the event makes it worse.  It causes me incredible amounts of frustration and anxiety to which I quickly suppress and remind myself that the only person I can change is myself.

Although I'm technically not a  runner anymore, I still consider myself one.  Not Boston Marathon stlye, but a runner nonetheless.  Running changed me forever.  It kept me focused and driven during difficult times and allowed me to meet new and exciting individuals.  The majority of people who run feel the same way.  I'm glad for that.  The biggest reason I don't run anymore is because I hate going alone.  When you have another person to run next to you, it's motivating, encouraging, and not so hard.  For me, it builds a community on which I can grow, succeed, and develop deep relationships.  

Perhaps that is why this picture makes me smile, inside and out:
As I watched my babe this morning, walking back and forth across the floor, I was reminded how easily we can stumble and fall.  Sadee walks pretty much everywhere, but it doesn't come easily yet.  She falls a lot!  Sometimes these falls mean nothing to her.  Other times, she falls into furniture and toys {like when she fell into the corner of the piano at church} which results in lots of tears and even more hugs.  But, every time, she tries to walk again and it brings her much joy.  Seeing the smile on her face and those little chubby walking legs is priceless!

I know that hard times come and bad things happen.  I know that families were affected by this tragedy in a very real and painful way.  I won't say I know what it feels like, because I don't.  But, I hope that we can all stand up and work together as a community to become better people... people who will be more interested in supporting, helping, and loving and less interested in hurting, criticizing and tearing down.  And to whomever did this terrible thing, I don't want to know your name... I don't care who you are.  Your name is not worth remembering.

Here's to running.  And... as Coach Andy always said, "Keep your head up!"

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