the truth about crafting and diy-ing

I'm not much of a bargain shopper.  I basically shop at 5 stores - Target, Sprouts Market, Costco, Gap and Ikea.  If I can't find what I'm looking for at one of the above named stores, chances are I won't own it.  If you don't believe, let me tell you what I have in my house that is NOT from those 5 stores.  

Our couch, TV, and washer are from RC Willey.  
I have a few birdhouses that I bought at TaiPan.  
Our dining table was purchased on KSL.
There are flashcards in my baby's room that I bought off of Etsy.
And finally, my mailbox organizer is from a craft store (can't even tell you which one).

In the process of wanting to organize an office for ourselves, I quickly turned to DIY-ing for the soul purpose of "saving money" {who knows why}.  What I didn't think about was time!  Over the last three days, I have been to Lowe's 3 times, Home Depot once, and Hobby Lobby.  I have spent more time driving around looking for "good deals" or specific items instead of crafting.  Mega bummer!  I've been trying to find small animals for some jars I'm making and after 4 stores... I still don't have any.  

You crafter's out there... I admire you.  If I ever wondered why I don't have a craft blog, I now understand.  It takes a lot of time and saves only a little bit of money.  While I'm sure I'll continue doing small crafts here and there, maybe even painting furniture and picture frames, I think I'll stay away from larger scale projects.  Like building a desk.  Although I will say, this desk of mine... it will be beautiful.  If only I knew how {slash wasn't afraid} to use a table saw, then it would be complete!

Here's to all you crafter's out there!  Hat's off.

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  1. That is exactly why I buy things. :) I do not craft. It's not worth the few dollars I save to spend the time doing it on my own. No thanks! I'll just buy it.

    But props to you for trying. You went a step further than me.


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