ballpark fun

Springtime equals baseball season. Specifically, little league style. Both of my brothers play, one is now in Kid Pitch, while the other is still in Coach Pitch. We were able to make it to each of their first game. M and J are pretty hilarious, and honestly, could not be more different in terms of sports. M is very athletic and cares a lot about how well he does. J... not so much. He is amazing at video games and navigating any electronic {better than me} but when it comes to sports, he would rather pose for the camera than pay attention. He likes to throw dirt in the air and catch it in his mouth... yeah... that happened. While I love watching my brothers play, I have to admit, baseball is hard to watch. I prefer quiet sports {aka tennis and golf}. Plus, watching kids try to play baseball for 2+ hours... struggle. But, I won't pass up any opportunity to be with family and take pictures of these studs. 

Check them out!

Licorice heaven, if you can't tell.

And we can't forget about these girls... my baby sister AND my baby.  Emily does a great job trailing little-miss-walk-a-lot.


  1. These pictures are beautiful. I'm not a fan of baseball (we live in the UK and don't really have it here) but I love photography and these are great!

  2. We love baseball at our house hehe


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