i'm not dead

I promise I'm still alive.  This month is a busy one.  I would venture to say it's the busiest month since... ever.  While I have over 300 pictures on my camera, I just haven't had time to download them.  And, if you don't believe me about our busy, crazy, whacky schedule... here's what's happening:

- May 1 was my sister Em's birthday.  She is six.  
- May 2 we went to St. George.
- May 3 we went to see Brian Regan at the Tuachan.
- May 4 & 5 we were still in St. George.  Somehow we fit in fun things with a very cranky, tired baby, a very tired momma, and homework.
- May 6 TODAY I went to class and dove head first into learning German... or reading German.
- May 7 I have Activity Days for church.
- May 9 we have family pictures and Sadee's first birthday pictures.
- May 11 I will be heading out to a church activity and going to Em's birthday party.
- May 12 is Mother's day.
- May 13 I start working part-time again, along with school.
- May 14 Sadee turns one where we will have a little family party, complete with cake and ice cream.
- May 18 Activity Days again, complete with an outside picnic and sunshine with my cute girls.
- May 20 Sadee has a doctor's appointment.
- May 26 is Memorial Day.
- May 29 is my birthday... 23 here I come.
- May 31 is my sister in law's Bachelorette party, which I have yet to plan.
- June 7 my sister in law gets married!

All of this plus class, work, homework, a desk that needs finished, an office that needs organized, a few crafts to finish up, a husband who works very hard, and a baby who needs to be taken care of.

So... please forgive me while I take some time off to breath here and there.  The great thing, is after all of this, I'll have some great Insta photos to share!  Oh yeah!

Here's to being busy!


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    1. I'm taking a German reading class for my major. I could either take German or French, but French was offered during the summer and I couldn't take it... so stuck with German. But, I really like it so far.


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