just another saturday

Today... sigh... today.... why does it have to end?  Even with a lot of homework on my plate, I pushed it aside to be outside with my baby and the hubs.  Seriously beautiful!  I didn't roll out of bed until 11 am, the hubs mowed the lawn, the babe and I got ready, and then... the hubs went and purchased me an early birthday present.  Guess where he went?  Williams Sonoma.  Bless his soul!  I've been keeping a small list of "kitchen items" that would be nice to have, to which he referenced in his birthday shopping.  I now have an official french bread pan, an apple slicer, and a pastry cutter.  Birthday's are pretty awesome {more on that later}.  

The hubs had taken Sadee shopping with him, and she wanted to run through the splash pad down by Williams Sonoma.  It ended up being a HUGE success... again!  She loves water, especially when it shoots out of the ground and there are a million kids running around.

Side note:  I have a problem with "over-protective" parents.  Sadee likes to make friends with everyone, but some parents pull their children away from her.  It hurts my heart so badly because she gets so disappointed.  When other parents act like my baby is going to hurt theirs... it's just annoying.  She just wants to play.  For heaven's sake, let your kids be kids!!  

While Sadee played, we watched from the sidelines and she was incredibly happy!  We tried a new shave ice place called Yuki.  Their juice is made from fresh, local produce.  While I admire the goal in using fresh, local ingredients, I wasn't impressed.  Once we noticed how cold Sadee looked {even with a full smile} we decided to get her dressed and eat dinner.  We went to La Jolla Groves where I tried a new pasta... amazing!  We even finished off the meal with my all-time favorite dessert, berries and ice cream in a pistachio cup.  By the time we got home, it was too early for Sadee to go to bed, so we stayed outside to pet the horses and play on her slide.  I sat on the swing, watching the hubs entertain Sadee.  It was perfect!  Naturally, I fell asleep.  When it was time to get the babe ready for bed, they came and woke me up, Sadee took a bath, I finished some homework... and now... brownies and the third Harry Potter movie are calling my name.

Here's to the most perfect Saturday this momma could ask for!

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  1. Oh how I wish u could eat 3 desserts a day and still look as good as you!! Sounds like a perfect day!


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