party time: double take

^^ Sadee eating her birthday cake.  She proved to be quite the little "neat bug."  She carefully took a couple bites, and then she ran off to play with the kids.
^^ I might get in trouble for posting this... but I couldn't resist.  My step-dad is always a goof-ball, but rarely is it caught on tape.  But... here he is!
^^ Miss Goose... what else needs to be said.  I mean, look at those eyes and that face.  Beautiful!
^^ Mindee, my sister-in-law, and Nycole, my very good friend.  Thanks for coming, ladies!
^^ Aunt Em, Aunt Jenn, Miss Goose {Sadee's friend}, and the birthday girl
^^ Uncle M playing football.
^^ Sadee enjoyed pulling her gifts around the porch.  She didn't understand how to open them, but she has loved everything she received!  I am currently in the process of trying to photograph her playing with each toy, but every time the camera comes out... she ditches her toys and runs from me.  Classic!
^^ Looking at her new books... with a little left over chocolate cake on her face.
^^ Of course, sitting at the bottom of the slide is better than going down it.
^^ Learning how to slide down her new slide with the help of every uncle and aunt.  At least she's in good hands!

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