sadee @ twelve months

This chica is hard to capture in a picture... she wiggles, she cries, she claps her hands.  This is as good as it gets for her 12 months pictures.  I'm sure I'll re-take it after I wash her laundry, but I couldn't forget to post her last month-by-month.  So, here we are, one year after she was born.  It has been a wild ride, but a joyous one at that!

At 12 months, Sadee....
- has 4 teeth.  We think she is growing in another on the bottom, but has yet to make an appearance.
- loves being outside more than ever!  This warm weather is heaven for her {and me}.
- doesn't have much of an appetite.  She eat breakfast and dinner, and snacks a little all day.
- has discovered the joy of slides.  She received a little slide for her birthday and she loves it!!
- has also discovered swings, and loves them too!
- is a mega-walker.  She is always on the go.
- loves to turn on and off light switches.
- hated having her pictures taken.  Every time I pull out my phone or camera, she heads in the opposite directions.
- enjoys taking naps and going to bed.  She will ask to go to bed now by saying "ba-ba" and heading to her room.
- understands when it is time to go.  She'll stand at the door and wave until we leave.
- loves her books still, but would much rather chew and eat them.  Books are slowly being put away.
- likes to help clean up aka take toys in and out of a box.  She also likes to put her dirty clothes in her laundry basket.
- likes to bite.
- is learning about body parts.  She knows ear, nose, eye, and toes.
- has become fascinated by tongue's, especially daddy's.  She always tries to pry his mouth open.
- has curly, fuzzy hair.
- likes to walk around with blankets on her head {which results in lots of bumps and bruises}.
- loves to play ball!

Sadee - We can't believe that you have made it a whole year!  We are lucky, lucky, lucky!  We love watching you learn and grow!  Our lives will always be wonderful while you're in it.
Thanks for keeping us on our toes and for teaching us how to truly love!

Love you,
Mommy & Daddy

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