friday treats us well

This week was a rough one for our family.  It flipped us upside-down, turned us around, and set us up facing backwards.  The end of May is greatly welcomed because it was the busiest month we have had in a long, long time!  I welcome June gladly.  The little is getting in 4 new teeth, two on top and bottom.  The night of my birthday, Sadee's skin became burning hot and she couldn't sleep.  At one point I woke up the hubs, because I was almost certain she needed to go to the hospital.  Luckily, her temperature was under 100 degrees... but she threw up everywhere.  She didn't even move while I undressed her, wiped her down, and changed her jim-jams.  Needless to say, it was a rough night.  

The hubs and I have spent the remainder of the week attempting to catch up on sleep, while still trying to stay on top of normal life.  The weekend was a needed change of pace.  Isn't is always though?

To kick off the weekend, and the last day of May, we went to the pool.  Since school ended Thursday, the pool in our neighborhood offered a free admission day.  Even though it was a little chilly, we had a blast!  Sadee loves the water and doesn't like to be helped in any way.  She ran in and out of the water {complete with a few falls} and turned around in circles.  Plus I can't get enough of her squishy legs and round belly, wobbling around.
And, on a side note... I bought a new swimsuit.  Not just any swimsuit, but a beautiful, green, one-piece.  Yes, a one-piece!! It's been years since I have owned a one-piece suit, but I was on the hunt for one this summer.  A Lime Ricki store opened down the street from my house and I originally bought the same suit, but in navy with coral polka-dots.  I didn't love it, so I returned it.  About a week later, I found that they had a solid green one, and I instantly fell in love.  Even though it's a pain to get on, it is really comfortable and was also a great price.  Win, win!

Here's to the weekend and more days in the sun!

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  1. After having two kids, I love that the one piece came back into style this season!!


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