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My intentions are always good with this little blog of mine, but intentions aren't always good enough.  Again, I'm behind.  This time for good reason.  Since the beginning of the week, I have been trying to set time aside each day for a "me activity."  That can be anything from sitting outside for 30 minutes after dinner, blogging, reading a book... anything that involves only myself, away from my family, work, and any responsibility.  The last two days I found myself at my favorite yoga studio, and it was glorious.

Now, let me just say, I am not a frequent yoga practice-er {although I would love to be}.  I've been a handful of times and each time, fall more in love with this practice.  It provides me so much inner balance and peace.  Monday I arrived early to the meditation session {and to my father-in-law, can you believe it??  I was EARLY to something!... I know, I'm surprised too.}  I looked through the yoga shop and a shirt said: World Peace through Inner Peace.  And I thought, yep, totally nailed it!  That's what yoga does, it's this weird combination of movements that I can barely make it through and make me oh so sore, but make me feel so calm and rested.

Alone time is important for mothers.  Over the last week I have felt an overwhelming amount of stress.  But, it's been an odd kind of stress.  Typically I feel emotional stressed, but this time my body felt worn out.  Not from fatigue, although that was part of it, but from a build-up of thoughts, to-do, lists, and endless tasks.  In a way, all of these things were mentally building up in my body and putting strain on my muscles and nerves.  Is this making any sense??  Basically, I felt physically stressed for absolutely no reason.  So, I decided I needed to set time aside and force myself to do things for ME, which as a wife and mother, is never easy.  Going to yoga has helped.  Not cured or taken away the stress I feel from day to day, but has definitely helped.  Most importantly it has reminded me the importance of taking care of myself and my body.

Our bodies are amazing creations.  They can do more than we think!  While I have gone through my share of running shoes and ran countless miles, it has never made me feel the way yoga does.  There is a wonderful power and confidence that comes from being in a place where you move your body with complete control.  It's amazing, really it is!

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