the truth about sunday

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It has happened, almost overnight.  Our baby, is now a toddler.... and Sunday is rough, to say the least.  There are 7 babies in our neighborhood who were born within 4 months of one another and all of us parents end up in the hall by the end of the second hour.  The babies chit-chat and bark like puppies all while running around, waving, and making friends with all the adults in class.  At first it's cute and no one minds, but then it gets embarrassing because these babes progressively get louder and more adventurous.  Every Sunday, all the parents chuckle with one another because it's the same story each week {if not worse}.  And so, we sit out in the hall with handfuls of goldfish, cheerios lining the floor, a collective pile of toy in one corner, and 4 babies climbing on each other to stand on one stool at the drinking fountain. 

While in the hall, a ward member {she is currently not married and without children} who was tending a new baby, asked me and a few other mom's if it was hard being a mother.  We offered our thoughts which were all along the lines of, "Yes, but it's wonderful at the same time.  Once you're in it, it's just how life is and you can't go back."  I've thought about her question all day, especially since one mom told her that once you have a baby, mothering comes naturally.  I would argue that mothering does not come naturally for many.  There are many frustrating days, tears shed, and quiet moments spent wondering how it is possible to make it another day.  But, above all those things, the one thing you can't let creep in is regret.  Mothering can be taught and learned.  Patience can be practiced.  But regret... it can eat through any ounce of happiness that motherhood can provide.  As we sat on the floor in the hall, I wish I would have told her that through the hard days, you can't ever let yourself wonder why you had children in the first place and how much easier it would be without them.  It would be easier.  But not as wonderful.  Not nearly as wonderful!

A few Sunday's ago, I threw in the towel.  I'm sure it won't be the last.  However, today we made it through the whole three hours, which I marked up as one of our greatest miracles.  I learned little from the assigned teacher's, but sitting on the floor in the hall watching my baby terrorize the church hallway I realized that these are the moments that are worth the fight.  Sometimes I wonder if going to church with a one-year old is worth it.  It's totally not - for me anyway.  But for her, it totally is!  Teaching her how important the gospel is makes every second worth it.

The truth is, we aren't great at teaching our baby all the "little things" from day to day.  But, I've noticed that each day, those little things become easier because I remember that the only way she can learn how to live righteously, is through our example.  It makes me want to to better.  These days will become better, the time will fly by, and before long our little girl will no longer be a child.  Through that process, the hubs and I will grow and Sadee will learn.  We will wish for the days when our babe ran through the hallways of church and we chased her.  I think I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

Here's to many more Sundays in the hallway.

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  1. Love this Kels!!! Love you too:) You are a wonderful mom and I totally can relate to hard Sundays! But yes I have concluded it is important to go to teach them how important church is, but we don't get too much out of if anymore besides fun times with Mila, which I will always cherish! Haha


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