wishful thinking

There are days where I feel overly ambitious, and today may not have been like that had it not been for the hubs grandma.  She took the babe this morning on a long walk {in preparation for a second, full knee replacement} and let me sleep in.  It was needed.  After an hour, she came to check on me.  I heard her sneak down the stairs and rolled over just in time to watch her peek around the door, exactly the way every loving grandmother does.  She asked if I wanted to come up for breakfast.  I laughed because I couldn't help but wonder why it is, and always has been, so painfully hard to wake up in the morning.  I'm a night owl... to say the least!  I told her that I would be up in a few minutes for breakfast and it was time for me to stop being lazy.  Her response was sweet.  She was happy that I was able to sleep in, because "I deserved it!"  That felt good.  I'm glad she see's the hard work I put in each day.  She is one of few people who has actually told me, numerous times that "you deserve it."  Every one deserves a break from the norm.  Thankfully to the hubs grandparents {aka our live in and willing babysitters} and a husband who "sleeps in" until 8:00 am, I get the opportunity to catch up on sleep often.  It's nice for me, and probably with a lot of other people who would have to deal with grumpy-sleep-deprived-emotional-me... and I'm already those things on a normal day.  

I'm lucky.  
And grateful.

With that to start my day, I felt ready and motivated to catch up on house work.  I even made it to the store where I filled my basket with everything aside from healthy food.  Our fridge and pantry are now stalked with frozen waffles, ice cream, cake mix, brownie mix, pudding, instant oatmeal, cheese, and milk.  The only reason I'm sitting at the computer right now is because that is pathetic!  I spent almost $50 on junk food.  Oops!  My intention was to sit down and get hard to work on menu planning.  It hasn't happened for a couple months, and I only found 4 recipes that I'm interested in.  "Cooking block" is worse than "writers block" any day.  Do you find it hard to cook during the summer?  Life would be complete if I could live off of snow cones and cereal.  Seriously.  I had ice cream and brownies for dinner.  Tomorrow I'll do better and maybe one day we will stop living off of instant mac & cheese and toast.

Here's to wonderful grandma's and summer days!

P.S. Does anyone have any favorite food blogs or recipes?  Inspiration is need over here... in a big, bad way!


  1. It's extremely hard to cook during the summer! Glad you got a little extra rest :)

  2. We end up eating a lot of fruit during the summer and rarely use the stove or oven. It's too hot!! But you can look at my cooking blog. It's just getting started again...after all, I haven't even looked at it in years.

  3. I need a live in grandma! Hahaha totally jealous!


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