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Last week I upgraded to the new iPhone 5.  It's pretty great!  The camera is better and I love that it's slimmer and not as heavy.  I ran into a few glitches with Gmail, but all-in-all, not a huge deal.  I'm a total Mac/Apple junkie and fully believe that they are the best company out there!  Two years ago, when we purchased our first iPhones, I was introduced to Society6, a company by Urban Outfitters that produces art that can be printed on just about anything.  

I love, love, LOVE what they have and have fallen deeply in love with their iPhone case.  Problem is, there are so many beautiful options that it takes some time to decide.  My last case was a rainbow colored bird feather... so I'm leaning to the peacock feather.  If you are looking for an iPhone case that is unique to you and will last a long time, check out Society6.  Pretty sure I'll never buy a case anywhere else!

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