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I'm super bummed I didn't get a chance to post this weekend, because it seems like there were so many great things that happened last week and so many ideas that I had.  But, Friday rolled around and I totally had the TGIF attitude where I wanted nothing more than to just lay on the floor for a few hours.  And while the weekend was wonderful, I sort of had a lot of "mom-fail" moments which has now left me with a TGIM {thank goodness it's Monday} attitude.  There is something special about Monday's.  I love having a new start and each Monday gives that to me.  A new week to do a better job at my cleaning check-list, to go to bed early, to pack my lunch the night before, to work out a little more often, and to become an overall more rounded, rested and thoughtful person.

Here it is... Monday.

It was a good day, but can I just share some craziness that has happened today.  First, even though I packed a lunch and prepared Sadee's bag last night... I was still late for work.  This morning I decided it was time to try milk again for Sadee.  Instead of doing a slow introduction like last time, we had decided to switch cold turkey.  After work I went to get Sadee and she was already sick after just one bottle.  But, our day had to continue so we went to a two-hour swim party.  Total blast!  The babe was completely wiped out afterward.  Amongst that, the house remained clean, laundry was put away, and the bathroom was wiped down.  Once daddy arrived home, we took a break while Sadee snoozed... but, it was obvious she was still feeling sick because she kept moaning in her crib. 

Maybe this Monday didn't go as planned, but heck, at least there is tomorrow.
Here's to a new slate... bring it on Tuesday!

P.S.  Last week I officially redesigned my blog, as many of you may notice.  There were some problems with the original code, but those have been fixed.  My favorite new start is a new blog design.  Very refreshing!

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  1. Maybe milk is too heavy on her tummy. I did soy milk with Ethan for the first few months. Mainly because he didn't like cow's milk. No other reason. I tried rice milk, but it gave him some serious diaper rash. Anyway, soy milk shouldn't be a problem as long as she gets enough calories throughout the day. Which I assume she does because that girl is solid! :)


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