busy, busy, busy

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Welp, remember how I was so excited to get on top of all my to-do's?  Tuesday happened.  And then today happened.  Not much has happened around this house aside from lots and lots of snuggles.  Our little nugget is still feeling under the weather.  I'll tell you what, no one ever told me that switching over to milk could be such a struggle.  It sent this chica down a really yucky {although familiar road}.  Keep your fingers crossed that tomorrow will be better!

The agenda tomorrow is a little nuts.  My mom is at girl's camp this week so I have a few errands to run for her, along with my typical grocery shopping.  Thanks to pinterest, I found a full one week meal plan that consists of breakfast, lunch, dinner AND snacks.  We're going to give it a whirl.  I would really like to improve my eating habits and hopefully this will introduce me to a few new breakfast and lunch ideas.  But, here's the thing, my grocery list is really, really long.  Mostly the items are fruits and veggies, but I'm out of a number of essentials {like honey, chicken, and crackers}.  Not exactly sure how I'll stay under budget, but it is crucial for mothers to not only stay hydrated, but also well-fed with nutritional food.  We definitely need to work on that over here.  Sadee always gets her breakfast, lunch, and dinner but we still live on random schedules with a lot of "college student food" {aka pasta, granola bars, and banana's}.  Can I also add that with all this grocery shopping I have to do, I'll be bringing 5 chillin's {aka children} along with me.  I'm already tired thinking about it.

This is the good kind of busy.
Here's to another day!

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