our fourth of july

I have loved reading about fourth of July traditions, but am also really grateful we kept our celebrating simple.  In Utah County, most people enjoy heading down to Provo and attending the Stadium of Fire.  We went last year, keeping Sadee at home {since she was only 2 months old}.  Now with a one-year-old in tow, we decided that fighting the crowd wasn't in our favor.  Plus, we {mostly me} couldn't bear keeping her home on one of my favorite holidays when she is finally old enough to enjoy a few things.  

Every year we have a BBQ at my neighbors house, plus the most incredible "street" firework show.  My mom ended up having a BBQ for our family earlier in the day... so we doubled up on our BBQ appetite.  Did not disappoint!  And can I just add that I have a love affair with baked beans... because I do.  Now, back to this "street" firework show.  Each year this thing gets bigger and bigger, which also means more and more crazy.  There have been run in with the cops, fireworks that tip over, others that do not light, and kids with burned feet.  Luckily we were unscathed this time around!  I would still argue that this show topped them all.  An official name was even declared for our little {or rather not so little} neighborhood firework show... BEHOLD... The Driveway of Fire!  Perfection to a T.  We sat on the lawn for a good hour watching firework after firework.  Small ones, medium ones, and sky-high ones.  Sadee enjoyed watching, but was a little leery of the loud noises.  She mostly stayed on grandma's lap {she always gives my mom the best snuggles}!  Every now and then she would hop off my mom's lap and run as fast as she could towards AJ, to which she would then realize she was too close to these booming sounds, and run quickly back to her safe place.  By the end of the show, she was fine although she still wanted to be held.  Believe it or not, she even fell asleep during the finale.  

I'm feel incredibly blessed to live in America, not only for myself, but for my loved ones.  We have so many opportunities that others do not.  The 4th of July has definitely risen to the top of my "favorite holiday list."  There is something special about patriotism that makes that day feel like an ultimate holiday.
^^ Sadee doesn't actually pick her nose, but she has recently discovered her nose has "holes."  She must find them a nice place to rest her hand.
^^ This has become a fairly common face around our house.  Everything is exciting to this girl.

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