today is friday, if you didn't know

Pretty sure I feel like this every weekend, but Friday... thank you for coming around every week.  You are the best day!  Tonight I made a last second run over to Target to grab a few snacks for a little weekend getaway.  We are headed up to Snowbird tomorrow afternoon with the hubs' family {or at least part of the family} and I couldn't be more excited.  As I was driving to Target, the temperature was perfect so off went the A/C and down went the window.  The warm air poured in along with all the smells of summer - freshly mowed grass, campfire, and hamburgers on the grill.  It took me by surprise because I realized how long it has been since I took a deep breath - a deep, perfectly cleansing breath that reminded me that life is good.

It felt like the first time all summer where I just enjoyed the simplest of pleasures - smells, sights, sounds.  And I wondered why?  Accomplishing "things" tends to get in my way and yet accomplishing feels so wonderful.  But, accomplishing isn't living.  Living is so much more than doing what we have to do on a daily basis, but it's mixed with doing what we love on consistent basis so that we may feel whole and happy.  And sure, as a wife and mother I need this balance, but I need it even more as a person in general - for myself, so that I may be the best person I can to everyone I know.  It's tricky, but I know that I want to enjoy a little more, breathe a little more, and see the simple things a little more.  With a little one, this journey to simplify is a little easier AND, at the same time, a little more difficult.  Not only does it take spending time with that little special person who is discovering every blade of grass and every feather on a bird and every rock in a pile of dirt, but it takes spending some quiet time alone to understand what truly makes you happy.  That's what I need to do - I have some personal questioning to answer to.

I love knowing that there is a loving father in Heaven who knows us and loves us.  I know that he gave me that deep breath of insight tonight which has allowed me to think more clearly.

Here's to believing in ourselves, enjoying the weekend, and knowing we are loved by an all-seeing and all-loving God.  Happy Friday!
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