twenty-one never looked so good

My sister turned 21 on Monday, so my mom and I threw her a little party.  Originally her friends were going to plan it, but then it ended up falling onto my sister's lap.  And who wants to plan their 21st birthday party?  No one.  It still feels weird that my sister {who was my only sibling for 10 years} is an official grown up.  It seems like yesterday that she was my annoying, 12-year-old, always wore her hair in a pony-tail, and dressed in t-shirts and shorts baby sister.  But, now she is unbelievably talented, hard-working,  fashionable, and beautiful adult... who is not only my sister, but is now my friend.  We've been through a lot together, had many fights, and still drive each other crazy, but we can talk to each other and help each other every now and then.  She is a great blessing in my life.  And seriously, when did she grow up?

She asked to have a vintage party with key lime cupcakes... so that is what she got.  Or at least, pretty close.  Planning parties is fun, but my goal is always to keep things simple and inexpensive.  We planned ahead, prepared ahead, and accomplished everything without too much stress.  After having hot dogs, veggies, salad, chips and glass-bottled soda, we had vanilla ice cream with key lime cupcakes.  To finish off the evening, everyone watched Parental Guidance in the backyard complete with popcorn, licorice, M&M's and gummy bears.  All in all, it was a success.  But most importantly, my sister and her friends had a good time and my mom and I actually got to sit down and eat during the party.  

Happy Birthday Jenn!  I love you thhhhiiiiissssss much!!!


  1. Cute! I love the writing on the table! Whets the thing about the Lords chips though???

    1. It's a quote from Nacho Libre. Have you seen it? Hilarious movie!

  2. Ps. I love all the white dishes!!


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