weekend, times two

The weekends in June sort of melted together in the most glorious way.  It was the type of busy that you look forward to every day, but sometimes have a hard time remembering all the gooey details.  This past weekend {aka the last weekend of June} we spent our time in the canyon at our annual "Ward Campout."  We ate dinner with all of our favorite people, let the babies roam free, and learned about the Irish culture {it was an Irish themed activity}.  I'm not one to enjoy sleeping outdoors, so instead of "camping out," we headed home Friday night but went straight back up to finish enjoying the festivities.  Our annual campout is literally the best activity ever!  On Saturday morning, the men pull out giant {and I mean GIANT} tarps and put them together down a steep hill.  Then, everyone gets in their swimsuit, the hose is turned on, and these tarps turn into the greatest water slide eeevvveerrr!  Because we took my 3 youngest siblings with us, my brain was preoccupied and I only managed to capture about 4 videos... no pictures.  That just means we had a good time, right?  Right!  Because we did!

The weekend before we attended the Summerfest Parade and Carnival.  The pictures below are from our time spent sitting on the lawn with close friends and family.  I look forward to the parade each year and was especially thrilled this year since it was Sadee's first time.  She loved it!  She danced in the street, ate grapes, and escaped into the parade route a couple times.  This girl and her zest for life never cease to amaze me.

I hope your summer, especially your summer weekends, have been filled with everything and everyone you love... because ours sure have!
^^ When my brother was little, he was terrified of the police sirens and even at the ripe old age of 9, he still plugs his ears during the parade.  You would think that he would grow out of it, but no... he isn't really afraid of them anymore, but he still doesn't like how noisy they are.  Go figure
^^ This is Sadee's attempt to run into the parade route.  Good thing grandma kept a hold on her and Aunt Em kept a close eye.  Even though she couldn't go where she wanted, it didn't stop her from keeping a smile on her face.
^^ I have to laugh at this picture because we were hunting for funnel cakes at the carnival after the parade.  My mom wanted scones and so we just kept walking past all the small stands.  Instead of funnel cakes, we ended up with three gigantic scones {which were delicious}.  But, my true allegiance is still with the good-ol-fashioned funnel cake.

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