not so secret anymore

Let's just address the elephant in the room... it's been over a month.  ONE MONTH!  Part of me has been dying to be back to this little space of mine, but part of me felt like a big fat liar... because I had a secret.  And not just a small one.  Thing is, I am not a keeper of secrets and so maybe a larger part of me knew better than to tempt myself.

Am I confusing you?  Here... let me make this easy.  
We are pregnant!!!
Baby #2 is due March 31st and we are surprised, excited, and overwhelmed.  I wanted to tell you, but couldn't.  I'm sorry.

I am not going to bother catching up on the last few months because it consisted of a lot of sleeping, not eating, and being a terrible wife and mother.  Let's just get right to it and answer all the starter pregnancy questions.  First off, we were not planning on having another baby this soon.  If you are surprised by this announcement, don't worry, so were we.  I had a feeling I was pregnant back in July, but went immediately into denial mode thinking how inconvenient it would be considering all that we have going on... school, work, church.  We went on living life, I didn't talk about it much and when people would ask when we were wanting another baby, I shrugged it off thinking... probably never.  At the beginning of August, I was feeling incredibly exhausted, never wanted anything to eat, and felt relatively unhealthy.  It was getting to the point that I knew it was time to see a doctor because something was definitely "wrong."  Unfortunately I knew I had to take a pregnancy test before I went to see the specialist I wanted to see, because how embarrassing would that be?!  One Sunday night, the hubs went to the store, grabbed a pregnancy test, at which point I quietly went in the bathroom.  The test was immediately positive... no question about it.  I told the hubs, who smiled.  He hugged me and I cried.  Since then, everything has fallen into place.

Please know that I didn't cry because I was sad to be pregnant again, I was just thrown off guard.  It wasn't in my "plan", nor did I think that it would happen that fast, even when we were ready.  And so here we are, 13 week pregnant... already waking up to use the restroom in the middle of the night, craving Peanut Butter Moo'ds from Jamba, planning on how we are going to buy a larger vehicle.  I'm not looking pregnant, just a little chubby and my skin has been horrible, terrible, awful!  I didn't buy groceries or cook dinner for 3 months {or longer} and took a nap every single evening while still sleeping perfectly well at night.  Now I'm feeling almost normal and the best part is, I get to share this journey again with one of my best friends, who is due 6 days before me.  I think we've both kept each other sane, especially since I don't remember hardly anything from being pregnant with the Sadster.

And there it is.  Our secret.  Now I think I'll be officially back... now that I don't have to keep my mouth shut about such a big part of our lives.  And to our Baby #2, we love you already!  We are pretty certain you will be a boy, but thought the same with Sadee... so we will see.  Be good to mommy, we have 6 more months to go.


  1. I've been meaning to comment on this post since you posted it (so for forev!) - YAYYYY! I am so so so so thrilled for you. Wish I could bring you a peanut butter moo'd asap :) You'll be so fabulous as amama of two. xo.


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