dear sadee,

It has been 5 months since I last wrote to you, mostly because life has been an absolute whirlwind since then.  You have grown more than I care to notice sometimes and have little "baby" left in you, especially when you have your hair in piggy tails.  Everywhere you go, you run.  You're getting fairly quick and sometimes get away before we notice.  You are interested in everything the world has to offer, especially animals.  A new family moved in across the street and they have the fluffiest black poodle, named Phoebe.  She is super soft and you are very gentle with her, even though she is just as big as you are.  You love petting her soft, black fur and kiss her on her back.  The horses next door are also among your very best friends.  There are two, Red and Dolly.  They like you, but you like them more.  I worry that one day you'll run under the fence into their pasture... but thankfully we have a gated fence so you can't get too far without mom or dad.  Every time you get out of the car, you ask to see them.  I hope you always have a special love for animals because it's really fun to watch you chase a dog down at the mall or start chirping away when a bird flies through the sky.

You can say many words now, which I should probably keep better track of.  Within the last few days, you have started to copy just about anything.  Your favorite words to say are "puppy" and "mommy."  Other words you can say, and say often, are: hi, ow, uh-oh, daddy, grandma, grandpa, nana, papa, Grizz (which is the name of nana and papa's dog), purple, bubbles, ball, why, what's that, turtle, wagon, dog, trick-or-treat (we are still working on this), cheese, please, thank you, ba-ba/bobby, book, water, football, and oh no.  You also know the sounds of many animals: dog, cat, cow, chicken, bird, lion, bear, horse, frog, bee, owl, and monkey.  You still love to read, but now you will let people read to you.  We need to start buying you more books, but it's a little tricky because you like to rip paper books and you eat the cardboard on your board books.  We'll get there.  

To tell you that I feel lucky to be your mother is the greatest understatement ever, and I know your daddy feels the same way.  You have the most incredible zest for life we have ever seen.  You are friendly to everyone and insist on waving "hi" to everyone you see.  Whenever music comes on {even if it's a clock chiming} you promptly begin to dance around and sometimes sing.  The other day we were driving in the car when "The Eye of the Tiger" came on and you started bobbing your head around like it was your favorite jam ever.  You bring such light and happiness to us.

We can't wait to share the rest of this journey with you.
Thank you for loving us, because we love you to the moon and back.

Mom & Dad

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  1. I do this with Chase! I made him an email address and send him monthly emails with pictures! Its the best:)


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