grapes + horses

Saturday's are truly precious in our household.  They are the only day of the week where we get to spend all day together without any outside responsibilities.  Sure, we work on chores around the house, run errands, and try something new, but we get to do it all on our own timetable.  This Saturday I knew that there were a couple projects that needed finishing up, but we ended up outside.  It was beautiful weather - chilly, sunny, and perfect.  The grapes in the backyard were in need of picking so with buckets in hand, we went to work.  We didn't make it far because the horses across the fence were far too interesting.  The hubs took Sadee over to the fence where they fed long grass to our dear gray-haired Dolly.  Sadee loves the horses.  And the horses love her right back.  But, this Saturday led to something special.  Dolly {the gray horse below} came right over to the fence and ate grass out of Sadee's hand for over 20 minutes!  It was special to watch this interaction.  Simplicity at its finest!

Here's to glorious weekends spent with loved ones!

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