welcome october

In honor of October, we let the babe sleep in her new pink, skeleton pajamas and then wore orange shirts today.  It was glorious.  There is something official about October... something that makes autumn feel real.  Around six o'clock, Sadee tends to get restless - partially because she is tired and partially because she has an ounce of pent up energy that needs burning off.  Tonight we opted to take a walk.  We have a small lane by our home where there are two horses in a large pasture and grape vines lining the fence.  Those horses have captured Sadee's heart and those grapes smelled like heaven.  It felt like autumn, which, in some strange way, felt so refreshing and cleansing.

If I'm being completely honest, October has never been my favorite month.  Halloween brought a lot of stress, which cursed the whole month.  This year, we get to do all the fun, happy October activities since we have a baby who enjoys anything that allows her to run around outside.  Watching your child enjoy all the excitement of enjoying something for the first time is life changing.  We plan to head out and let her chose a pumpkin, run through a corn maze, and go on a hayride.  It'll be grand!

Happy October to you!

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