vacation to disneyland

The year would not be complete without sharing our time spent at Disneyland, the most magical place in the world.  It was the first time for both my siblings and for Sadee, which made it that much more amazing.  The best part??  My siblings had no idea that we were going until they were all packed up in the car that morning - pretty amazing that 5 adults could keep it a secret for so long!  

Because I have only been a handful of times, walking into the gates was so exhilarating that it was almost impossible to take it in.  You truly feel transported to a different world!  Just the smell of corn dogs from the Red Wagon was enough to make me swoon, but to top it all off... the Christmas decorations {sigh}!  Magical, I tell you!  Even Sadee loved every second.  She was constantly pointing at something new, smiling & giggling, or chasing a bird - she definitely loved it all!

Aside from the many favorite moments we had with Sadee and the new-ness of it all, I had two favorite times while we were there.  First, we were able to go to the Disney Character Breakfast on the first day.  It was delicious in every way!  The characters made Sadee a little nervous, so she didn't eat much, but the hubs and I could have eaten forever.  Can I just say that I may have fallen in love with a tiny mini muffin that was packed with all the soft maple, brown sugar, oatmeal delicious-ness in the entire world?!  Heaven help me if I find a place to buy those on a regular basis.  Also, perfectly cooked scrambled eggs and hash browns that were perfect to begin with, but then allowed me to rediscover my love for ketchup and eggs.  I mean you guys... when I say good, I mean GOOD!  

My second favorite part was when we went to California Adventure and saw the new Radiator Springs.  The rides were incredible, but the atmosphere was even better.  They literally recreated the movie Cars in every detail possible - and I'm a total sucker for movies coming to real life.   And to take the creativity even further, it was all decked out for the holidays as well.  There were garlands made of air filters, Christmas trees made out of tires, orange cones, and license plates, big Christmas lights everywhere.  The concept of it all blew me away!

Sometimes I wish we could have stayed forever, but there was a fair share of crazy moments that made it nice to get back home - like a little puking incident at The Cheesecake Factory from our little lady.  Home is always a good place to be!

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