a case of the microbes

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After last week, this week was greatly welcomed in my book... until we caught some type of tummy bug and we've been quarantined to our house ever since.  Luckily Sadee has stayed healthy {still keeping our fingers crossed}.  But, believe it or not, it gave me a little perspective on my Miss Debbie Downer attitude.  You see, even though we literally did nothing except for sit at home and watch our house progressively get more and more messy, we spent time together - completely uninterrupted time filled with taking turns reading books, throwing balls, watching cartoons, taking naps, and warm baths.  It wasn't glamorous or exciting - if anything it was exactly the opposite - but we still survived 48 hours of the sickies, just by taking it one second at a time and praying that we wouldn't run out of things to entertain ourselves.   

Yesterday, Sadee was lucky enough to spend most of the day with her Nana so the hubs could go to work and I could catch up on sleep I'd lost the night before.  By the time 6:00 pm rolled around, I sat in bed counting down the minutes until both my husband and baby would be home... literally.  I missed them so much and almost cried when Sadee ran through the door giggling her head off and gave me the sweetest little hug.  That's when it hit me - how ungrateful I had been last week.  

Some days are long and hard and boring and uneventful, but they are filled with the people I love the very most.  Especially this little toddler who grows more every day and won't always come find me to ask for help or give me messy yogurt kisses or back herself up on my lap just to read a book.  And a husband who is strong and young and handsome and works hard every day to provide for us and make us laugh.  Today won't always be here, but I'm glad today was the day I could gain some perspective and be reminded of just how good I have it - even with a case of the crummies.  

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