our false reality & playdough

Last night, in a desperate attempt to hold this chica off until bedtime... I pulled out a package of play dough that I recently purchased for $1. The attempt was successful! After getting bored with the play dough playing myself, I pulled out the camera thinking, "This is one of those moments where I should take pictures... since we are actually doing something other than sitting around." Thus, both momma and baby were entertained.  

Pictures like these, without explanation, may provide the illusion that I'm this outstanding mom who is super fun and plays with my baby all day long and never has messes and lives in this all-around perfectly educated, free-from-fit-throwing, hourly activities, baking cookies home.  It left me with an empty feeling since one of the reasons I take pictures is to share the with you, but my reality is not accurately shown in these images.  Did we have fun together?  Yes.  Did we create a memory?  Yes.  Did we have some good laughs?  You bet!  But, this was definitely a rare moment for us this week, so don't be fooled.

See... this week I learned a hard lesson.  That lesson was that I have forgotten how to play.  It seems weird, but being at home all day with a toddler really makes this weakness shine like a bright red light!  Playing with baby dolls and singing If You're Happy and You Know It only gets you so far and at that point, my imagination runs out.  

We're learning, her and I.  Some days she runs out of patience, but most days my patience runs out more quickly.  While we have a few new things starting up, we still have a long road ahead of us - specifically learning to stop the to-do lists, put the cleaning on hold, and learning to sit down and play.  Keeping my fingers crossed that it'll come back to me!

Happy Friday and here's to learning to be a kid again!

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