Even though I said it already, I'll say it again...


We were "lamer-steins" and basically did a whole lot of nothing today, which was nice.  It was just a normal day, which was a good way to start off the new year.  Each year I enjoy reading resolutions that different people make and sometimes feel guilty because I'm not much of a "resolution maker."  To think of doing one thing for a whole year seems overwhelming.  Sure, I'd like to have more patience and be more kind and save more money, but there are so many variables that affect that on a day-to-day basis that I try and just do one day at a time.  I'm sure everyone does that, but it seems to satisfy me when choosing not to set a year long goal.

Also, if we are talking exercise goals... well, the cold, hard truth is that I'm having another baby this year which is going to throw me right into the biggest learning curve of my life and we all know that working out and losing weight won't be my main priority.  It's just not my year to run another half-marathon.  I'm okay with that.

But obviously, there are a million things that I'd like to do better at - so I'm going to start with two things.

First, I need to get Miss Sadee sleep trained... again!  That will probably take about a week, but hey, a goal accomplished is a goal accomplished.  Training begins Monday!  Wish us luck.

Second, I would like to work on my scripture study.  Many people like the Book of Mormon in 365 Days challenge, but I'm not interested in reading the Book of Mormon from cover to cover right now.  However, I am interested in learning to study, not just read, the words of the Lord.  Some of that studying will include the Book of Mormon, but it will also include the Bible, New Testament, Doctrine & Covenants, Pearl of Great Price and even some General Conference talks and Hymns.  I want to liken the scriptures to my life in a very deep and personal way.  I have yet to set a plan for this, but by keeping my scriptures out on the table, I'm hoping it will encourage me to open them up each morning at breakfast and find something meaningful a few times each week.  Also, have you heard of Daily Verse?  It's a really neat iPhone app that gives you a topic to study each day, with a scripture, talk, and hymn to read.  It was really enjoyable to use and I felt more guided.  Maybe I'll give it a go this year too!

Here's to making goals - both long & short term - and good luck to you all!

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