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Every now and again, there are moments where I am amazed at how lucky I am to be surrounded by incredible women.  Once a month, the women in my neighborhood get together for a Motherhood Education class and this month we discussed Family Organization.  Mostly because I had no clue what to expect or exactly how this discussion was going to go, I left with a great desire to continue improving my efforts to keep mine and my family's life in order.  

The last two days have been a little rough - not horrible, but there were hours that definitely pushed my limits.  There was even one conversation that took place between my toddler and I where I explained to her that I did not want to play and that I was upset with her behavior.  It wasn't my best motherhood moment.  A combination of eye-rolling, sleepless naps, and tantrums made me feel like anything I tried to do was not beneficial.  Thankfully, I was wrong.  

After talking with those wonderful women, I was reminded that our efforts as mothers make every difference in the world.  Intentional organization and planning can bring peace and love into every home.  While I may not feel that peace every hour of every day, I definitely feel it when I'm prepared and making a great effort to be present in the life of my family - especially my daughter's.  On top of that, I learned that every family is different and even when you think a family is perfect, they may not be.  We are each part of a family with different personalities and ages that allow us to adapt accordingly.  Some families have Saturday chores, while others, like us, do one chore each day so we never have to work on Saturday.  Some families fold laundry, other families don't.  Some families prepare dinner together, while other families may not even eat together due to busy schedules.  But no matter what the circumstances, it's perfect so long as it works for you.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to do better each day.  This week I'm going to continue doing a couple of things that I've been doing in our house and apply some new things I've learned as well.  Last night I revamped my daily chore chart and hung the new copy on our wall.  It still includes my daily chore and load of laundry, but I added reading scriptures and praying each morning and dinner preparation in the afternoon.  I'm hoping that these changes will help our evenings be calm and allow us to spend more quality time together - because right now, it's often involves a crying toddler and a desperate mother attempting to cook dinner before 7 pm.  Wish us luck!  

If you want to see my daily chore chart - {click here}.  Also, to those that are considering doing one chore each day, instead of all at once, I would highly recommend it!  After having Sadee, {almost 2 years ago} the daily chore chart gave me my life back.  It helped me transition my thoughts to my family instead of cleaning constantly and it also helped us stay organized little by little.  Give it a try, you won't regret it!

Here's to trying harder and doing better!

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  1. I don't know how you can stand doing laundry all week long. Laundry is my least favorite chore. So I dedicate one day to doing it...usually Monday, but this week it happened to be Wednesday because Monday was a holiday. Anyway, I like to have it all done in one day - rip it off like a band aid. :)

    I dedicate one day to a specific task. One day, I'll wash all the walls, another day, I'll deep clean all the bedrooms, etc. However, I do the basic things everyday; i.e. vacuum, dishes, wipe down counters, pick up bedrooms/living room, etc.


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