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Forgive me for not posting more about pregnancy #2, and more importantly baby #2.  With such busy schedules, my brain has had little time to plan for our new baby... and have I mentioned that IT'S A BOY!  My goal was to get through Christmas, at which point I would then begin preparing for the new little.  Organizing has begun at home, but this little guy is going to come into the world without a lot of clothing options.  I've purchase one thing... that's it.  So lame!  But, thank goodness to friends and family who remembered him in their Christmas shopping, because we now have a few new things for him.  All of which will be greatly needed.  With only 2 1/2 months to go, it's probably time to start getting him some little clothes, blankets, and most importantly, some diapers.  Wish us luck!

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