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A lot of bloggers out there have some type of "favorite Friday" post, and I have been thinking a lot about how much I love Ikea.  To those that know me, this doesn't come as any surprise - in fact, my in-laws refer to Ikea as "IKelsey" because 90% of the things I buy, are from there.  But, I know there are a lot of people out there that dislike Ikea... I get it - poor quality, small furniture, assembly required, minimalist, and streamlined.  While I agree there are some items you shouldn't buy just because it's inexpensive, there are other things that our family has fallen in love with... namely, the whole children's department.  

Toys are expensive and are often made of materials that easily break.  My choice is always wooden over plastic, but wooden toys are not always easy to come by and they are always WAY more than I want to pay.  So, here are a few of our favorites from Ikea that are made well and come at a great price.  The bowls, plates, cups, and flatware are literally the best!  Not only are they sturdy, easy to wash, and come in fun colors, you can get them for a killer price.  Where else can you find 6 plates for $1.99 - not at Target!  The little Dalmatian is Sadee's favorite little puppy and her bedtime buddy and the rainbow stacking tower has been a hit with any kid that has come to our house. 

For Sadee's birthday, we plan on getting her the play kitchen they have - and I'm sure it won't disappoint! 

Happy Friday!

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  1. Cool!! So good to know - I wish I knew IKEA better so this post was super helpful. I'm with you on every point, especially on wooden toys. Keep these posts coming!


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