first name basis

photo by marlyn hill photography

Funny things have been happening on the daily around our house, and I'm trying really hard to slow down and pay attention to them.  Having a real-life toddler is a whirlwind, but never has a dull moment.  This week, along with many new words, Sadee has picked up on the names of mommy and daddy - aka she will actually call us by our first name.  Not sure how that happened, especially considering that the hubs rarely uses my first name.  But hey, toddlers pick up on everything!

Every time I buckle Sadee into her car seat, she sits and says "mommy" the whole entire time {imagine Stewie, from Family Guy - mom, mom, mommy!}!  As I teased her about it today, she smiled and immediately switched to saying "Kelsey" over and over again.  That'll make me think twice about teasing her again - silly girl!

Regardless of the fact that we are now on a first name basis or not, this little lady never ceases to make me smile - those chubby cheeks, tiny teeth, bright eyes and curly hair bring joy to my heart!  

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