hello february

Last night I was expressing my readiness for springtime to the hubs - for the gloom to leave, for greenery and warmth, to have another baby.  

Mostly, for January to end.  

And even though I didn't think it was possible, today is FEBRUARY - which made it fabulous!  Yes, it snowed and was cloudy, but it provided a tiny shimmer of hope that life is, in fact, moving forward.  

Also, it was a great day because I was actually able to eat normal food and feel relatively normal.  At 32 weeks pregnant, my lack of exercise and taking care of myself is catching up to me.  A combination of the flu and acid reflux left me dehydrated, which unfortunately led to a tiny scare with early contractions.  I definitely over-reacted, but am grateful that I had family to call and rely on - especially considering that I spent the whole day sleeping on my mom's couch.  Seriously, mom's are amazing {and the best part about being married is you get two}!  But, life is back to normal and I am grateful.

Here's to February - aka one month closer to March and springtime!  

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