When Sadee was born, I made monthly onsies for her and we took her picture once a month.  But, after a friend of mine had her baby, she would do weekly pictures that were simple and easy - white onsie + white background.  I'm hoping that I can keep up with it each week, considering this is already a day late.  

At one week Cameron has proved to be a great little baby.  He's sleeping well at night, nursing like a champ, and happy as a clam.  We love him to pieces!  Hopefully over the next couple days I'll be able to share more about this little guy and his big sister and our crazy life with two children... but, life with a newborn... phew!  

Also, General Conference tomorrow.  Interested in watching?  Click HERE.  I'm grateful to be able to listen to a prophet's voice and receive guidance for myself and family - because heaven knows I couldn't do it alone.

Happy Friday!  Happy weekend!  Happy everything!

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  1. The perfectionist/ADD part of me couldn't start this, because heaven forbid I miss a week...the whole thing would be worthless. But the creative/scrapbooker side of me loves this idea!!! Good luck my friend! He's a doll!


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