dear sadee

Today you are 23 months old, which means that you will be 2 in exactly one month!  Not only has the time flown by, but you have grown into the most fun and loving little toddler.  I'm not exactly sure what I want you to remember about today, about being a toddler, other than your life is so wonderful.  Every day I'm amazed at the good you encounter and the amazing examples you have around you.  From the day you were born, people have always stopped to say hi to you... literally everywhere we go.  You have something remarkable inside you, a goodness that no one can ignore.  We are lucky!  

You have been a big sister for 2 weeks and that good light has not gone out.  Most people warned me that you would start being naughty to get attention or that you would begin throwing tantrums because you felt ignored.  Nothing like that has happened!  You love your little brother and constantly want to help, hug, or kiss him.  You love to know where he is at all times and become very concerned if he is crying.  It's adorable and I'm grateful you love him, instead of the alternative.  He also loves you!  Anytime you walk into a room, he immediately starts looking for you and watches everything you do.  If we're lucky, you two will always be best buddies.

At 23 months, you seem to want and do everything yourself.  Most things you can't actually do yourself, but you can help.  You love to help with the dishes, doing laundry, washing your hands, blowing your nose, cleaning the mirrors, brushing your teeth, coming your hair, and vacuuming.  You also love to sing - which isn't surprising since you've always loved music.  One day you started singing I Am A Child Of God with me and knew almost all the words!  Since then you've started singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Do As I'm Doing, Do You Want To Build A Snowman?, and In Summer.  On top of singing, you also dance 99% of the time - even without music.  Recently you learned to gallop, hop, and jumprope (sort of), which has added some unique moves to your dancing repertoire.  

If all that wasn't enough to keep you busy, you're also developing quite the vocabulary.  You'll copy any word, but you also have some cute phrases too.  Right now our favorite is "It's fun!" or "This is fun!"  The other day we went to a doctor's appointment and daddy was swinging you on his leg.  The whole time you giggled and said, "This is fun!"  Oh and swinging... definitely your favorite activity.  This past Saturday you swung on grandma's swing for at least 3 hours!  

A few other things you've been saying are:  "Help." "Come on." or "Come here." "Excuse me." {which sounds more like "que me."} "I need it." "No thank you." "I did it!" "I'm fine." "Darn it!" "Oh goodness." "Outside!" "Why?" and "What's that?"  I think the most fun thing about listening to you talk is hearing how you change your voice from high to low.  It's pretty funny because you know how to say certain things in a goofy way and love to make others laugh.

You'll hear me say this the rest of your life, but you are a sweet girl and I love you!  You make life happy and good.  Can't wait to spend eternity with you, little one!


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  1. I can't believe our babies will be two!!! It's crazy! She's so cute, and I just love here!!


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