hard dose of reality

The last couple weeks have been a whirlwind.  Most of the time it seems like I have no clue what I'm doing, because really I don't.  But, often times I try to remind myself that this new part of our life is just that... new... 3 weeks new - and it's okay if it doesn't feel normal yet.

Today I was determined to make life feel somewhat more organized, but that led to me cleaning my house because it needed it in the worst way possible.  The house did get clean, but it was accompanied with a lot of no's, stops, and don'ts mixed in with a few tantrums, an early nap, dried cheese stuck on the TV stand, cartoon reruns playing all day, and a final decision that dinner would be take-out because there was no way the dishes were going to be washed for the second time in one day.

Goal for today = accomplished.  
Goal for tomorrow = be a little kinder to my almost 2 year old.

Happy Hump Day {because I couldn't resist}!
Oh!  And did I mention that we spent 90% of the day in our PJ's - we did... oh wait, I'm still in mine.  Oops.

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