my mother's hands

^^ My mother and I in October 1991 - and let's face it, the 90's didn't look good on any of us.

We can probably all agree that when it comes to our mother's, there is one thing that we will always remember about them - be it their kindness, their love, their smile, or something far more quirky.  And for most of us, there are more than one of those things that we will not only remember, but cherish forever.  

My mother's hands are one of those things.

Over the years I have watched her work, write, read, clean and do just about everything else.  In watching her do those things, I've watched her hands.  They are familiar to me.  Her nails are always perfectly shaped, but never painted.  Her skin is always illuminated by the dark blue veins that run just under the surface.  Her fingers have always been long and slender with perfect creases around her knuckles.  

They just seem to have it all together, those two perfect hands that have done everything for me.  

Sometimes when I help my children, I expect to see my mother's hands doing it - because she is the one that knows what she's doing.  Then I see my hands, doing the same things she has always done, but mine are far less perfect - accompanied with shorter, wider fingers and bitten off nails.  They've worked so much less.

I'm lucky though, because I get to raise my children right along my mother's side.  Her hands continue to do much more work than mine.  They say it takes a village to raise a child, and that is true.  Those extra hands are needed because they each love in their own special way, and how lucky am I to have my mother's hands included.  Maybe my hands will never look like hers or seem as familiar to me, but everyday I hope to be a little more like her.

Here's to my mother, all that she's done for me and continues to do for me!
I love you Mom!

And PS Happy Mother's Day
because these thoughts didn't make it in time.

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